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Klopp : Dream more

The concern of Juergen Klopp is well noted. He has with other managers been vociferous against congested energy sapping fixtures especially associated with FA Cup replays.

In furtherance of his angst and protest over this anomaly he said he won’t play the A team against Shrewsbury in the replay tie preferring to feature the young lads.

This is the second time this season he would field a weakened side by protest the first was during the Club World Cup when he fielded an inexperienced team led by the U23 coach as they were pummelled by Aston Villa in the Carabao Cup.

Klopp has been under 🔥 for mugging Cup competitions. However his antecedents doesn’t suggest the views of critics, in Germany he won the Pokal with Dortmund amidst other titles.

It could be the calendar in England taking a toll on his decision to flirt aggressively with cup competitions. Premier League, FA Cup, Carabao Cup, UEFA Champions League and international engagements.

With this weary calendar setting priority and maintaining the health of the players is paramount. Thus far on this score Klopp scores a distinction.

It is over a decade, six years shy of two decades, the Reds last won the Champions League. He conquered Europe last year. It is an embarrassment of 30 years hiatus as League Champions, he is on the cusp of glory!

If he does the double of conquering the continent and domestically he will certainly be revered as a legend and the cups blushes will hardly be remembered!

But there was SAF who in 1999 under gruelling discomforting conditions similar to his experience achieved immortality as he won the treble! One wonders if Klopp can’t dream more.

His critics have a plausible point. Home and dry in the league. It will a disaster of monstrous proportions for Liverpool to lose the league coupled with the fact that their best challengers are faltering!

After this weekend and the replay next week he will have a two weeks leave, the next fixture against Norwich being on 15/1/2020 which will keep the guys fresh.

The returning players from the treatment room come with positive energy.

Why can’t he risk it?

Go for all.

His squad length and some awesome talent from the fringes will definitely give him the push.

His priority is a good decision but the treble will make him an immortal!

Written by Ifeanyi Agwuncha


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