Cardi B gifts offset N180 million for his birthday

Cardi B truly understands what kind of gift to give a birthday celebrant like Offset, who already has everything.

Saturday, December 14, 2019, was Offset’s 28th birthday, and Cardi B expressed her love for him in a very special way.

In a two minutes video shared with her almost 56 million followers on Instagram, the rapper on Saturday presented a gift of $500,000 kept in a fridge to her spouse.

Before opening the fridge to reveal the gift, the rapper said, “You got every car. You got every jewelry. You got everything. You got every shoe. You know what I’m saying. What else can I give somebody that got everything? The fridge!”

Short of words at first, Offset was shocked to see the bundle of cash, which Cardi B described as little something for the birthday boy in the fridge.

She said, ‘That’s $500,000, ‘I know I don’t have to give you this money, but I don’t know what to give you and I gotta give you something.’

“Happy birthday, and don’t expect no Christmas gift from me. Ain’t no Christmas gift. Only for the kids.”

Recently, Cardi B visited Nigeria and she no doubt had a swell time in the country. She had a taste of Nigerian Jollof and truly enjoyed her stay in Lagos.

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